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About Rachael Abah

Rachael Abah is a Supreme Spiritual Guide and Courage Mentor to Intuitive Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs.  She’s in the business of supporting intuitive Women Leaders who feel stuck, to gain clarity and peace of mind.   

Rachael identifies as Clairvoyant, a Spiritual Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Researcher, Wife and Mother of 3 children.  She applies her Spiritual gift of Full-Spectrum Sight, to activate Clarity, Courage, and Confidence in the people and communities she serves.   

Up until now, Rachael like many women struggled with imposter syndrome and playing small.  Now, as a Supreme Spiritual Guide & Courage Mentor, Rachael empowers women to honour themselves, feel worthy and enjoy meaningful success on their terms.    

Rachael has earned certificates in Transpersonal Experiential Psychotherapy,  Heart Core Leadership Training, Medicine-Wheel  Facilitation professional from Bear Standing Tall & Associates,  and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from York  University. 

Her extensive studies in World Mythology, Religion, Sacred Sciences, Esoteric Teachings, and Success Mindset Training, all inform her unique healing modality.  Rachael delivers practical solutions to neutralize systems of psycho-spiritual warfare for Women’s optimal well-being.

Rachael welcomes collaborations with other healers, creatives, and leaders committed to wellness, excellence, and service for the betterment of humanity.

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